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Roznama 92 News is an Urdu newspaper published daily by the renowned media group Glaxy Broadcasting PVT LTD .The same media group is known to be the platform through which Pakistan’s first HD News Channel, 92 HD was started.


History and Formation


Anything great requires vision. Success cannot be achieved if you don’t strive and work hard towards it. If you don’t set goals and standards, you may never see the great heights of success.


After the establishment and success of 92 News, known commonly as 92 News HD (a Pakistani television news channel which broadcasts news in Urdu language) in the year 2015, this private news channel, based in Lahore decided to start a newspaper to provide the people with more easy and convenient ways to be informed and allow them to stay updated with the latest news from around the world.


Befounders of 92 HD, the vision and mission didn’t just end with a news channel. They wanted to cover all aspects of modern journalism and leave no stone unturned in their quest for providing the people of Pakistan with the news they deserved to know.


Hence, Roznama 92 News was started from Lahore, one of the major cities of Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 10th April, 2017 to provide the readers with authentic news from the best journalists from across the country.



Development and Achievements


For any newspaper, the biggest accolade comes from its readership. It is the people they write for, and they best form of praise and the biggest award any newspaper can get is unprecedented support and loyalty of its readers, the trust of its readers.


After the newspaper’s launch from Lahore, publication from other major cities like Karachi and Islamabad was also started within a month. In the short span of a year, it was being published from eight major stations of Pakistan, which included not only the federal capital, Islamabad and four provincial capitals, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta but also other major cities like Multan, Faisalabad and Sargodha.


The newspaper has been well received across the country.


ہم خبر چھپاتے نہیں، چھاپتے ہیں-
Translation: We don't hide news, we publish it.

This slogan quite accurately explains the aim and objective of Roznama 92 News. The newspaper is not only honoured for providing the readers with the latest news but also strives to give the viewers correct information without trying to hide the truth for personal gains. The newspaper raises awareness about many social, political and religious issues without any fear. It covers every story in such a way that no stone is left unturned in revealing the full truth.

Roznama 92 News publishes news for the sake of raising awareness amongst the common citizens, without keeping in mind any personal gains or benefits. This is why it has one of the most rapidly growing readership in Pakistan.




Ever since its first print, Roznama has received massive praise from the common folk for its unbiased and on point journalism and reporting. Initially emerged as the primary newspaper in one city, the Roznama 92 is now being sold in eight different cities. The popularity is unprecedented and the newspaper has been acclaimed as one of the most sought after source of information.


Roznama 92 News became extremely popular amongst the citizens within a short span of time since its launch. Roznama 92 News has now become the second biggest newspaper of Pakistan in terms of stations and it has been included in the top four newspapers of the country.

In the modern history of journalism in Pakistan, this newspaper has gotten recognition like no other newspaper. In the future, the media group behind Roznama 92 is making plans to launch the newspaper from other important cities of Pakistan. After the implementation of these plans, Roznama 92 News will become one of the top newspapers of Pakistan with the biggest network in the country.



Salient Features


No newspaper can function without having an ideology and sticking to it. Similarly, Roznama was also started with an ideology and they ensure that they stick to their principles and ideology come what may. These principles have helped Roznama achieve the accolades that it has.

Five basic norms have played a major role in the rapid success and great appreciation of Roznama 92 News among the masses


These are

         Ideological Stance

         Public Representation

         Quality Journalism

         Efficient Team

         Unique Layout and Printing Style




Ideological Stance


Roznama 92 News has come in to the market with a strong ideological stance and a responsible attitude. The policy of this newspaper revolves around three basic principles; Islam, Pakistan and Public.


On the subject of Islam, its policy is evident. Religious matters and Tahafaz-e-Khatm-e-Nabuwwat (S.A.W) hold the utmost importance in the policy of Roznama 92 News as well as 92 News HD. No compromise can be made regarding the protection of Muslim’s identity and the preservation of the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah. The newspaper has made great efforts to relay Islamic teachings to its readers, to stabilize moral obligations and to make the new generation aware of their duties and responsibilities as Muslims and citizens of an Islamic Republic. Roznama 92 News has been recognized and appreciated for its active role in introducing the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)’s way of living to the youth so that they can implement his teachings in their daily lives in order to succeed in this world and the hereafter.

Similarly, considering Pakistan to be the centre of Islam, Roznama 92 News and 92 News HD are trying their level best to protect and uphold the sovereignty, integrity and honour of the country. They are also playing a vital role in defending not only the geographical but also the ideological boundaries of the country. The channel and newspaper are contributing all their efforts to portray a positive image of Pakistan in the eyes of the world.


One of its most important objectives is to provide the readers and viewers with the correct information about Pakistan Movement, the struggle for freedom, our great leaders and the ideology of Pakistan so that the youth develops a sense of patriotism for this homeland which came into being at the cost of many lives. The staff of Roznama 92 News has always been very active regarding this matter since its inception.



Public Representation


In civilized countries, the newspapers represent the people of that country, and the voice of the downtrodden is aired through media. Roznama 92 News has played a very active role regarding this. The newspaper has been known to fight for the rights of the common man, have positive criticism in order to improve the condition of the country and to shed light on the faults of the current government. In the period of sixteen months, this newspaper has uncovered a lot of corruption scandals of the government. It has kept a vigilant eye on the performance and efficiency of various governmental institutions and has raised a voice regarding the issues of the common people. Due to its active and positive role in uncovering the truth, it is often said that Roznama 92 News is the only newspaper of the opposition since this newspaper publishes the opposition’s point of view bluntly without any fear and doesn’t come under any pressure from the government. The newspaper leaves no stones unturned in delivering the complete truth to its readers without keeping in view personal gains and other incentives.



Quality Journalism


Roznama 92 News has adopted this stance since the beginning that no compromise shall be made on journalistic professionalism. This newspaper has opted for those standard principles which have been long forgotten by other newspapers in this new culture of breaking news. It relies only on credible and authentic news which has been confirmed from the concerned authorities before it is published. The newspaper is against spreading false news just for the sake of breaking the news first. Instead, it stands firmly by this rule that the institution will publish only confirmed news and not weak or false news.


According to journalistic ethics, the editing and the headline of any news is extremely important. Proofreading is a must in order to avoid any mistakes during the printing of news.


Exclusive news and special reports are one of the main characteristics of the newspaper.

The exclusive news published by Roznama 92 News in the past one year is unparalleled to any news published by its contemporaries in as much as ten years.


This newspaper has paid special attention to its editorial pages besides best reporting and unique style of editing.


There is no other example of numerous high class and prominent writers and columnists in any other local newspaper.


Arif Nizami, Arshad Ahmad Arif, Mustansar Hussain Tarrar, Sajjad Mir, Izhar-ul-Haq, Auria Makbool Jan, Doctor Hussain Paracha, Abdullah Tariq Sohail, Iftikhar Gilani, Amir Khakwani, Arshad Mehmood, Amir Rana, Justice Nazir Ahmad Ghazi, Brigadier Simpson, Asif Mehmod, Riyatullah Baksh, Khalid H Lodhi, Rao Khalid, Saeed Khawar, Khawar Ghaman, Saadullah Shah, Doctor Asimullah Baksh, Hafiz Yousuf Siraj and various other distinguished writers contribute their columns for this paper. Many respectable women also write columns for Roznama 92 News. Among them, Bushra Rehman is a well-known writer and a senior columnist, Noshi Gilani is a famous poetess and distinguished poet and columnist Saadia Qureshi and Qudsia Mumtaz are worth mentioning as well.




A magazine is known to be any good newspaper’s identity. Roznama 92 News publishes two magazines weekly. Sunday Magazine and Midweek Magazine which is published every Wednesday. No other newspaper in Punjab publishes a midweek magazine.


Distinguishing Characters of Roznama 92 Magazine


A magazine needs to be attractive, it needs to be catchy and it needs to be in style. Roznama was well aware of all this. To stand out, Roznama 92 Magazine chose unique style of editing and comprehensive fonts which make Roznama 92 Magazine better than the other local magazines. The magazine not only has an eye capturing design but also covers new and interesting stories in each edition. It covers diverse topics ranging from literature, history, travelogues, politics, health, education, spirituality and autobiographies to show-biz, sports, home remedies, recipes and much more.



Social Media and Roznama 92 News

Roznama 92 News has bridged the gap between mainstream media and social media. News based on social media trends is also published in the newspaper. Famous facebook bloggers are invited every once in a while to write in the newspaper.


Best Team


The presence of such professional and efficient team is the major cause of the newspaper’s great success in such a short period of time.


Editor in Chief


Haider Amin is the Editor in Chief of Roznama 92 News. He has graduated from the best institutions of the West. He entered this field of journalism with a positive mindset and a constructive approach. He runs all the matters of the newspaper whilst keeping a low profile.



Group Editor


Arshad Ahmed is a senior journalist and columnist who works as the group editor of Roznama 92 News. Arshad Ahmed has been working in the field of journalism for the past four decades. He has served in Daily JangNawa-e-Wakt, and Dunia at presentable posts. He worked as the deputy editor of Nawa-e-Wakt for several years. His abilities are acknowledged nationwide and he has a unique identity as a columnist. His collection of columns is greatly appreciated in the literary world. His political travelogue of China is also praised tremendously. Before the launch of Roznama 92 News, Arshad ahmed was the senior editor of the Daily Dunia.


Four Sections of Newspaper


Roznama 92 News has four sections of the newspaper from a more technical point of view.

These are






Incharge of News Room


Nadeem Farooq is the incharge of the newsroom. He has been affiliated with many great institutions before the launch of Roznama 92 News.


Magazine Editor


Amir Khakwani -who happens to be the magazine editor of two weekly magazines issues by the Roznama 92 News-has also helped with the launch of Express Magazine and Dunia Magazine.


Head of Reporting Section


Mian Habib is the Reporting Section head. He is a famous and well reputed reporter and has vast experience as a senior journalist.



Head of Editorial Section


Ashraf Sharif is the editorial section head. He is a senior journalist and also a well known editorial writer.



Head of Marketing Team


Rizwan Ashraf, who is one of the most well reputed people in the marketing industry, is working as the head of marketing team.


The heads of their respective teams have made such great efforts with the help of their teams that it is no wonder that Roznama 92 News has gained so much popularity amongst the common people in such a short period of time.



Unique Style of Printing and Layout


Newspapers are everywhere. Roznama knew that to stand out amongst competition, they would need to focus on things other than journalism too such as their style of reporting and the way they present information to their readers.


In trying to achieve this, Roznama 92 News has left everyone in awe in the world of journalism and print media by its remarkable choice of printing style and layout.


The newspaper has experimented with various layouts and found really neat and creative ways to provide the viewers with information. In the world of newspapers, there was a lot of hesitation in using lead to display news but Roznama 92 News became one of the first newspapers that experimented with different styles in an innovative manner. The newspaper’s group editor Arshad Ahmed made a double column box with lead for exclusive news. This motivated the news reporters to work hard so that their name would appear prominent in the exclusive news’ box. This idea met with a lot of praise, nationwide.



Causes of Success


It is the amalgamation of experience and new talent that has enabled Roznama 92 News to gain so much popularity and success in the short span of sixteen months. The efficiency of its team has made it one of the best selling newspapers of the country.


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